Who are we?

We are a choir of approximately 40 young students of various nationalities. ESK started in 2003 and from September 2017 on we rehearse every Wednesday evening in ‘t Fundament (part of theatre ‘t Kapelletje), near Rotterdam Central station. Our conductor is Robert Verheul and in particular we sing modern songs. Also, we perform on a regular basis.

Our board currently consists of Annelot, Eva, Isa, Stella and Susanne. Besides the board, we have several committees: the Music Committee (MuCo), Podium Committee (PoCo), Activities Committee (AcCo), and Concert Committee (CoCo).

Do you like to sing and would you like to come and see our choir some time? Please feel free to contact us!

Click this link to sign up for our upcoming open rehearsals (open in certain seasons).

Singing experience or being able to read notes is not required. You can sing with us until three years after you graduate, and also students who do not study at Erasmus University are welcome to join the choir.

Our Voice Group & Members


Eva Bikker

Jente van Geffen

Isa Kunstman

Meike Stolk

Natalia Korycki

Miyu Todani

Chiara Bruck

Ariane Joosting

Agne Bore

Anne van Dijken

Zhuoyu Shi


Marieke Elbers

Lin Lau

Vera Kansen

Juliette van Schelt

Nirel Titty

Isabella Maljers

Zeyan Fan

Susanne Klaasen

Lisa van der Mij

Karlijn Schalk

Frederike van der Helm

Johannah de Zeeuw


Sophie Busch

Léonore Doyard

Ishfarah Esseboom

Isabelle Nieboer

Annelot Busch

Ellie Clennon

Nicole Heuvelman

Eva van der Sande

Nic Treczoks

Stella Shi

Mirre Overtoom