Freedom! – Summer Concert 2022 🕊🌈

We are finally back and will be joining you with our yearly Summer Concert on the 17th of June at 19:30 at Erasmus Paviljoen! 🎶🥳

The theme of our concert is Freedom! 🕊🌈 We will be singing wonderful songs from different genres including pop, rock and musicals about the power of freedom. We are able to turn this concert into a reality thanks to Studium Generale, Gementee Rotterdam and Rotterdams Vrouwenfonds! 

Our amazing conductor Robert Verheul will be once again conducting us. Amrish Basdew will be joining us on piano, Javier Figueira on Comojo/drums and Robur Koppe on bass. 🥰

We are looking forward for a night full of music and freedom and can’t wait for you to join us! Follow the link below to purchase your tickets! 🎟