Grote Clubactie

Once again this year we are participating in the Grote clubactie! Grote clubactie is a national foundation that sells lottery tickets to help associations achieve their goals. Each ticket costs 3 euros and 80% of each lottery ticket will go to our choir. The chance of winning is 1 out of 10! By buying a ticket from our link you will be supporting our choir and getting the chance to win amazing prizes! This year’s top prizes are:

  1. 100,000 euros
  2. Seat Mii electric (car)
  3. Kitchencheque (worth 10000 euros)

When you buy a ticket from us, we will get the chance to make another amazing recording of one of our songs for this year! We really hope that you can support us and help us achieve our goal! You can start to buy and sell tickets through this link:

Keep in mind that there are two different links to a selling page!

  1. Our general link

This is the link to the selling page you reach through our bio. If you share this link with your family and friends, then you need to make sure that they put your name in the space of “ik koop een lot van”. Otherwise, we cannot keep up with how many tickets you sold.

  1. Your personal link

You received this link in your email if you allowed us to share your information with the ‘Grote clubactie’. If you share this link, they will skip the line “ik koop een lot van” and then it’s immediately clear that you sold this specific ticket.

What are you waiting for? Start selling to support us and for a chance to win great prizes!