MUCO (full)

Music Committee

The MUCO is responsible for creating the set list each year. Together with suggestions from the choir and the conductor we choose the songs we’ll be singing with the whole choir. Next to picking the songs, the MUCO also evaluates solos, intermezzos, and small choir songs (including during auditions). We are always excited for musically talented people, but that’s everyone in the choir!:)

So, if you enjoy making the perfect Spotify playlist, choosing the songs, and deciding on the correct order, this is a great committee for you to join! We are looking for creative, collaborative people and anyone who wants to be the voice of the choir when it comes to musical decisions. On average it will take you one or two hours per month.

POCO (2 spots open)

Podium Committee

The POCO is all about creating an unforgettable experience for both performers and the audience. When it comes to our members’ movements, expressions, and emotions, we’re like choreography wizards! We work our magic to synchronise arms and legs and every heartfelt moment with the music. It’s all about bringing the songs to life. During our committee meetings, we gather to discuss the coolest and most creative ideas to enhance the songs’ movements. We dive deep into the designs and decisions, making sure every detail is spot-on. And guess what? You don’t have to be a professional dancer to join us! We welcome everyone who’s passionate about making music come alive on stage.

When it’s showtime, the POCO comes up with exciting and creative dress code ideas. And let’s not forget about the lighting plan – we know just how to set the stage on fire with dazzling visual effects that perfectly complement the music. So, whether you’re just starting singing with us or have been curious about POCO’s tasks, you’re very welcome to join us. Because when it comes to having fun on stage, we know how to bring the magic! 

ACCO (2 spots open)

Activity Committee

Besides the fun of singing together, being part of our choir is also very fun! Not only are we having a lot of fun during the rehearsals; our activity committee organises a lot of fun activities. Through these activities, we get to know each other even better, and the choir becomes even closer.  The activities are organised monthly and are very diverse. For example, we’ve been on a weekend trip and every year we close off our year with a delicious barbecue, a karaoke night, movie nights, ice skating and day trips.

The ACCO makes ESK about more than just singing, we’re a large group of friends who love to do things together 🙂 The ACCO will take up some time for organising the activities, but not much. We organise about one activity per month, so we have one (online) meeting per month.

COCO (3 spots open)

Concert Committee

The COCO is a recently-funded committee. It is a crucial link in organising concerts and all related aspects. During periods when concerts are scheduled, the COCO will have intensive responsibilities and dedicate their efforts to ensuring the successful execution of these events in collaboration with the board.

The COCO will be dedicating to the formation of concert concept, the marketing campaign of the concert, the search for ideal venue and collaborators, remaining close contact with technicians, musicians, and external parties to really carry out each concert.